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Connect the Plots

Connect the Plots is an initiative of Elizabeth's that aims to bring local women together to discuss possibilities for climate action in the Corner Inlet area. Their first major undertaking is Project GreenPlot, working in partnership with Manna Gum Community House to distribute fresh locally grown produce to households experiencing food insecurity. She says "We all have to eat and many of us have space. It's easy to connect people from all walks of life via edible gardening to improve physical health, mental wellbeing and social cohesion in the community."

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Regenerative Land Management and 'soil nerd'

Stefanie has worked on radioactive soils in Fukushima and the regeneration of soils affected by GMO. You can read one of her short articles here and watch a video here. See also: www.StefanieHildmann.com

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Co-Founder Prom Area Climate Action

Prom Area Climate Action (PACA) is a local group of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Jo started the group jointly with Sue Quinn from Fish Creek, in 2017. Jo also, with others, started Watch for Wildlife to help prevent death and injury to our wildlife and work with the Tarwin Lower Wildlife Shelter. She is a firefighter with the CFA, and a former academic.

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Think W.E.L before you vote

Jo is a mother of four, W.E.L* member since 1972, Camberwell Councillor in the 70s, ABC and SBS TV journalist in the 80s, chaplain in the Women’s Prison in the 90s at Deer Park, and married again in 2000! *Women's Electoral Lobby

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